Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Roses for the House

Thanks for the roses, Grandam,
and for the ribs
I wanted to pick the white roses that are doubles on one stem for seven days.

But I never got around to it until there were two minutes left for me at the Shuswap.

That is when I grabbed for the scissors and ran for the bush of white flowers in my front garden.

I have been trying to make them climb up on the pillars on the front porch.

Ron Treleaven told me that my task would not be possible, since it was a bush, not climbing roses.  And he would know, for he gave me the gift.

I thought I would deadhead some of the blooms, but none were dead.

All in full glory and a pleasure to pick.

The other task that made me laugh was cooking ribs.

Wyona spotted a good sale on them.  
... too much food for the 2 of us ...

I slipped them into my cart as well.

Weeding all day is easier when I know that the slow cooker is doing it's job and all I will have to do is finish the meat off on the BBQ and add a little sauce.

 I was doing a practise plan for the summer when others arrive.


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