Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Light in the Piazza - still thinking of the music

Theatre Calgary presenting 
the Tony Award-winning musical,
The Light in the Piazza. (Theatre Calgary)
Theatre Calgary is doing The Light in the Piazza by by Adam Guettel, a show that received six Tony awards in 2005.

My reading of reviews lead me to believe that the orchestral harmonies are rich and lush.

Tonight it was a five piece band that played the music:  piano, violin, cello, bass and harp. One reviewer said, "The best musical since West Side Story".

I listened to a few songs on u-tube last week and I looked up the synopsis of the play, just to whet my appetite for the show.

I was not disappointed.

Anwyn Musico as Clara Johnson
I had read the the show is about an American and an Italian falling in love, and neither speaking the language of the other.

So I was prepared to hear half of the songs in Italian.
Again, I was not disappointed.

You know the place in the theatre when the lights are dimming and people are asked to turn off their cell phones?  Tonight that was done in Italian.  I guess everyone but me spoke Italian for they all turned off their cell phones.

I was about in Row E.  How I love those seats that are close up.  Bill Walter's sister, Judy, was just a row behind me -- there with her cousin and two friends.  If you want to check it out, see the review in The Calgary Herald that has a 2 minute clip of one of the songs



  1. I will go to a lot of piazza's for you Arta while I am here in Venice.

  2. What more can a person want in a paizza than to have it filled with so much water that you have to take your shoes off. I captured pics of you and Dave kicking the water at each other the last time I was there with you.

    The piazza brings out the child in all of us. I hope the sounds of the bell in the tower linger in your heart long after you have left Venice. Being there couldn't happen to a nicer person. I remember -- evenings, people out enjoying their supper on tables outside of restaurants, and musicians playing for the diners, but all of us could enjoy the music as we walked along.

    A perfect life.