Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

light ... blow ... light ... blow ... light .... blow
I have been so excited thinking about this birthday.  At first I wanted a party.  A really big one.  I am starting the last quarter of my life!  I wanted a really, really  big party and had decided to plan it myself.

The closer it got to May 8th, the smaller the party began to get in my mind.  A big party is a lot of work.

By yesterday the event had dwindled to making cupcakes with cream cheese icing and taking them over to celebrate with Michael and Alice.  I know I was really going to do that for I bought the cream cheese.

By last night I was thinking, maybe it will be alright to make the cupcakes later in the week.

This morning when I was eating crepes with them, according to our usual Sunday ritual, I dashed back home to get matches and candles.  I rolled one of the crepes up, gluing it together by spreading peanut butter liberally on both sides and then cuttting it in half.  Now each child had a celebratory candle glowing before them.

First we used it to sing Happy Mother's Day to Miranda, light the candles, blow them out, sing again, light the candles, blow them out, sing again ....  And they gave her cards. Hastily made?  Yes, but given with all the love they could muster.  Michael drew her a star wars ship.  Something she has always wanted.  And for a gift one sang the alphabet song and the other sang twinkle, twinkle, little star for her.

Then we began again, this time singing for my birthday, with the same rhythm:  sing, light the candle, blow the candle out, sing happy birthday, light the candle, blow the candle out.

A good time was had by all.

I can find something else to do with that cream cheese.



  1. Just 25 more to go Arta and I will be there for your century birthday party.