Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rome and Gelato

One of the reasons we like to stop in Rome is Rome itself. But another reason is the gelato. Moiya found this gelato shop when I was in Rome with Arta, Dave and Moiya. Now when we go back to Rome, we stay in a hotel near the gelato store.

We hit the gelato shop once on Sunday evening, twice on Monday and twice on Tuesday. We thought about not going the second time on Tuesday but since we left for the ship on Wednesday, we went back a second time.

So many flavours it is hard to choose. Somehow we left the camera back in the room the other days.


  1. Oh, Gelato. I remember having it three times in one day when i was there with you Arta and Greg. Now whenever I have friends going to Italy I tell them they must try the pistachio gelato -- even if they are not traditionally pistachio fans. And I tell them it is not wrong it eat it three times a day. For some reason, getting permission from me in advance opens that idea to them. They always come back thanking me for having told them it was a possibility.

    Am loving reading you travel tales Wyona.

  2. Ooop, Mary here logged on as Arta. The comment above is from me. :-)