Sunday, May 8, 2016

Santorini/cable car

 We are crawling on our way to Venice. When we were with Glen and Janet before we left, Glen informed us he wanted to drive to Venice from Rome. I thought it was too far. Looked it up, just 6 hour drive. We are taking 12 days on a ship to get there. We have 9 different ports on the way to Venice.  One of our ports was Santorini, a beautiful Greek island.

The mountains are capped white like snow.

Looking across the top of the mountain.  

The cable car takes one up and down the mountain side. Looking up at the cable car coming down. 

Looking straight down from the cable car.
The walk is stunning from the top of the mountain.

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  1. Alex and I rode the donkeys up to the top (Alex also rode a donkey down again). Given the switchbacks I was questioning my choice as I thought at any moment the Donkey would throw itself off the path rather than struggle trying to carry me to the top.