Saturday, May 21, 2016

Shopping at Hanna's

Doral asked me, "Will you be blogging while you are currently out in BC?  I'd love to see some photos of the comings and goings, the weather, the scenery etc.  We never seem to be out there when the blossoms or cherries are on the trees."

In answer, I am currently having trouble carrying my phone with me.  For others, having their cell phone in their pocket is the final thing they check when going from the house to the car.  For me, the final check still involves do I have my car keys.  So when I am in places that deserve photographing, I am without the means to do it.

For example, Wyona and I took a quick trip to see the new Winners in Salmon Arm.  We didn't get there, though.  We stopped first for a $6 lunch, and then went to Hanna's, the nursery that is just off of the highway.

Wyona went for a pumpkin seedling.  She found one that has a white rind -- her choice -- the unusual.  I took one of the traditional orange ones and began to plan where I would plant it when I got home.  Then she got a small basil plant and then some cilantro.  I followed suit.  The place we parted company was with the new item she has been looking for.  I have wanted a small clump of oriental poppies for years.  I had some seedlings in my hand when I was shopping with Moiya but put them back, thinking I would get some of Glen's at the end of the season.  Then I wondered why I was doing that to save $4.25 when I was really wanting them this year.

Japanese Maple ... small, medium or large
Wyona wants a Japanese maple and so we looked at the $89 one, the $129 model and then the $229 tree -- all are the same strain, just each one more mature than the last.

"Why did mine die, while my neighbour's to the left and right of me lived?", she asked the clerk.

Water is the key.  Water, especially in the first two years.  And those neighbours spend more Spring time hours at their home than she does.

Now by the time Doral gets here, perhaps my poppies will be in bloom and pumpkins will be on the vine.  I hear the cherries will be early this year; the blooms were early so the cherries may be gone by the first of July.  The Japanese maple?  I think she will purchase it when she has a clear window of opportunity to water it

You will miss the cherries by six weeks, Doral.  Start thinking peaches.

And no, we didn't make it to Winners.  Clearly gardening was the joy of the day.



  1. I have my pumpkins planted, my parsley and cilantro planted plus basil. We shall see if they grow. It was a lovely trip to Hanna's.

  2. I'm actually okay not eating the cherries. It's the blossoms ane the sight of the cherries on the trees that I will miss. Peaches sound just fine, I like peaches, sourdough waffles and whipped cream just fine!