Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tanner arrives

On Thursday Moiya walked around the edge of the water lilies in  
the lake by the Salmon Arm hospital
By Friday she was in Beverton waiting for the birth of baby Tanner.
Isn't modern transportation a joy!

Others will know this by Facebook.

Moiya just wrote me to say that Des has a new baby boy:

"Yes, he weighed in at 6 lb. 3 oz.  … 18 inches long and his name is Tanner. Fluid on lungs and very low oxygen. Couldn’t get a vein to feed him intravenously and they finally fed him today at about 3:30 – 4 pm by an eye dropper. He had tubes up his nose and down into his stomach. Des and Brandon finally got to hold him tonight.  He was born on Friday at 9:16 pm.
The tubes are all out now but they probably won’t come home until Monday morning.
Congratulations to all.  I guess those other three Vaughn kids will love to be holding baby Tanner soon, as will Grandma Moiya and Grandpa Dave.


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