Friday, May 27, 2016


Our first Selfie
Kelvin giving me instructions about which buttons to push,
and me equally naive about how to do this job!
Kelvin came from the south end of Calgary this morning and I came from the north to meet him in the centre of town, a place neither of us go much.

My timing for our appointment together was so far off that I arrived downtown a full hour early.  To kill time, I walked the Plus 15, looking in shop windows, scouting out the SAIT Culinary Shop and watching the food being prepared, and lingering at the windows of boutiques that sell high-end vinegar and oil.

I was at the corner of 5th Avenue and 7th Street eventually, and my new interest there was to see how many places I could find to have lunch within one block of where I was to go.  There is a Saigon Express in the same building.  Across the street is a PitaBasket.  On the west perimeter of the building is a Chinese Village Lunchtime Buffet, right next to a Gyu Kau (Japanese BBQ Social Dining).

I am arranging my next appointment downtown to coincide with lunch instead of the early morning breakfast schedule.


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