Sunday, May 1, 2016

Valletta, Malta

This was our first time in Valetta, Malta. The sail in was spectacular. All the buildings, walls and ground are the same limestone color.
 This was such a stunning picturesque view with the waves splashing up unto the walls and buildings. Just breathtaking.
 There is an elevator that goes from sea level to the higher level where the old city is located. The elevator moves quicky up and down.The view from the top is stunningly beautiful. Walking through the city we came upon a giant T-shirt. The people are proud of their team.

St John's Cathedral is an amazing gothic structure with gold trim and frescos covering the walls and ceilings.  The Maltese Cross is in the entryway to the museum and everywhere in the Cathedral. Greg laughed as we were going in because he remembers Doral Pilling's joke which is, (Oh no, Greg is asleep and I cannot remember it...what is the difference between a Maltese cross and a...or what makes a Maltese cross mad...or...I will just wake him up...maybe I remember).  "What makes a Maltese Cross?"
Oh Greg just woke up so here it is. "How do you make a Maltese Cross?"
The answer:  "Poke it in the eyes." Now get your parents to explain it.

You can see the Maltese Cross on the tomb in this picture. The twisted column is copied after some of the columns in the Vatican. There are skulls on either side of the white bust.
The floors are all tombstones of the Saints or heroes of the day. So as you walk through the Cathedral your feet are walking on and covering fabulous inlaid marble tombstones with Latin inscriptions. This was 15 euros well spent to go through the Museum.

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