Saturday, May 28, 2016

Gabe in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Greg and I drove in from Shuswap to see Zoe's puppet performance and to attend the Captain Nichola Goddard Middle School performance of Beauty and the Beast. The director gave Gabe his choice of playing the Beast or Gaston. Gabe chose to be the Beast. Of course it is always the pleasure of the grandparents to watch performances of the grandchildren.

Beauty is a little out of focus but the Beast looks great! Gabe's voice was mic'd so that he sounded gruff like a Beast. He came across larger than life with his raspy gruff voice.

 The costuming was amazing. Someone did a lot of work.

 And here Beauty has invited the Beast to dinner and is showing him how to put on his napkin.

 The Beast and Beauty did a mighty fine dance together after dinner.

The Beast did a lot of talking to his everlasting rose.

It was quite a production to see. There were over 150 students involved in the acting, staging and lighting. Both Gabe and Beauty had lush voices that never missed a note.

Academy awards for all!



  1. This is an amazing middle school. Why didn't I find the time to get to this performance? My loss. Thanks for the great pictures and wonderful text. I almost feel as though I were there.

  2. It was a great production. Whoever led the choir did a fantastic job of encouraging a lot of students to sing and hit a very high note together, twice.