Saturday, May 21, 2016

Time for Dinner

I did many chores one day in Calgary and came home exhausted at 5:30 pm.

 I just laid down on the bed, tucked some pillows around me and didn't have the strength to pull up a blanket.   I was out! At 6:45 pm Alice woke me.  She was in my bedroom and told me it was time to come over to her house for dinner.

I went over there, ready to eat.

Here is what really happened.

They had eaten without me.

Then unbeknownst to her parents, Alice slipped over after dinner to tell me to come over.

Miranda had noticed that she didn't have her eyes on Alice nor hear her. She looked outside and saw the door of my house was open.  She knew Alice must be over getting me, after the fact.

 ... Alice on her own at grandma's house ...
How cute is that.

Two years old.

Old enough to know how to get into the house, but not focused enough to shut the door behind her.

Cute.  Unless you are the parent of a two year old like that.


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