Friday, May 27, 2016

Checking the Drain Pipes

 ... a rainy day in downtown Calgary ...
I am fascinated by the reflection of
one building in another.
The water was pouring down after lunch.  I didn't know the rain was pounding the pavement  until I went to take out some compost.  Having climbed the stairs, it seemed a shame not to take the job to its completion for how wet could I get in 30 seconds.

But on the way back I noticed that the first drain spout was unhooked.  I stopped to find it behind a peony bush, my foot squishing in the mud.

Then I looked by the lilac tree and noticed that the drain above it was also disconnected. I pulled debris out of the pipe and got that together, just as a deluge of water fell on my head from above.

There was no use running for cover, since I was already wet and had a third spout to check; there was happiness for me in at least being able to find the unit tucked up beside the front of the house house, and now I stopped again to get 3 out of 3 connected before running for the shower.

Is this fact or fiction?

Rain in B.C. is warm.

Rain in Alberta is cold and drives a person to find a warm shower and then dry shoes and clothes as quickly as possible.


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