Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Aladdin and Tottenham Court Road

Tottenham Court Road is a
London Underground and
future Crossrail station in central London.
It is an interchange between the Central line and the
 Charing Cross branch of the Northern line.
From Wyona

I so missed all of you at the theatre tonight.

It was Aladdin, the same theatre as Jersey Boys.

We lined up before 10:00 a.m. and got day seats for the show, second row but not together.

However, four people moved so we could be together.

The show was so funny, such elaborate costumes and the Genie was extra fabulous. And Aladdin was Nathaniel, same mannerisms, same beautiful quality of voice and acting ability. I just kept seeing Nathaniel on the stage and wondered how he got here from Japan for the show every night :-) The magic carpet moved around and up and down but we could not figure our how it was attached anywhere. Just amazing and funny!

I wanted to be there with all the grandchildren and Zoe. Maybe Zoe would like to sing 'A Whole New World" for her glee club show. That is your job Lurene and/or Charise to find the music and cut it so she could sing along. Greg recognized the songs from hearing Zoe sing them.

... can't wait for my turn to go there ...
After being closed for two years, the Tottenham Court Metro is open but there is still a lot of construction going on. Buildings have been knocked down leaving a good part of the block to accommodate these luxurious entrances and exits. This is one of the stations on the new London Cross Rail. It is like exiting a space station and it is always so crowded. What did people do for two years while it was closed?

We need to all come back here, book a family room and then crowd another 4 people on the floor. We will just have a shower schedule. This is for those who want to save money. We could even sleep in shifts.

Greg went by the High Commission on Grosvenor Square today. The building is being demolished. It was such a lovely old building. The High Commission is at Trafalgar Square now.

And someone is sleeping in my bed at New Cavendish.


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  1. You are ahead of me with your musicals, Wyona. I had to go out and see some clips from Aladdin, having heard nothing about it. Here is a scene that appeared in the 2014 Tonys. I must have missed them, too.