Sunday, November 27, 2016

Breakfast Conversation

This morning I got invited over for breakfast by Michael and Alice.

Michael:  I'ts pancake time. Would you like to come over?

Alice:  It's pancake time!!!

Arta:  Yes, Bonnie and I will be over in five minutes.

We arrived and I got down face-to-face to say hello to Michael. He had an intent look on his face.

Bonnie:  I can see you are having a thought.

Michael:  Yes. Your necklace makes me think of the owl I saw in the barn.

Bonnie:  Would you like to hold the owl on my necklace up to the camera so you can show your cousins this carved owl?

Michael:  Yes. But I really want to look at the picture of the owl in the barn on my mom's phone.

Bonnie: What kind of owl was it?

Michael:  It was white and it was just staring at me.

Bonnie: And where were you?

Michael:  In a barn.

Bonnie: Oh, yes. A barn. But where was this barn?

Michael: On the edge of town.

Bonnie:  Why were you in a barn?

Michael: Because it is a great place to go picnicking with your mom's friend.


  1. wow to the photo of the owl! Wow to a great place to have a picnic

  2. That little white owl looks like ivory to me, ivory from Hong Kong decades ago. Am I right?