Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Time for a rest

... the most uncomfortable bench in the mall ....
Moiya and I spent a day in Salmon Arm.

Part of the joy of having the Woods for close neighbours is that Moiya loves to drive to town and I like to hop in the car and see where she is going.

But I couldn't follow her one step further, no matter what the deal was at hand.  So I sat on a bench and tried to go far enough back to use the wall to rest on.

No deal.  The bench curved in all of the wrong places, but still it was preferrable to standing or walking one more step.

Finally she needed a bite to eat so she bought some buns, some honey ham and some Yum Yum pickles and we made our own sandwiches, sitting on another bench in the mall, which would have been another picture.  But one neither of us took, since we were too busy feasting on the freshness of food out of the grocery store and into our hands in a couple of minutes.

Now that was a trip to town worth taking.

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