Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Catherine comes to visit Kelvin

... landing in Calgary from Montreal ...
All of the fun of having Catherine come to Calgary for a week is not in the anticipation.

Lots of it is in the actual fact of having her here for seven days, sleeping on the north side of Calgary and spending her days on the far south side of Calgary.

She arrived on one of those days when the weather was perfect until 10 a.m.  Then bits of fine snow began to fall.

Then those fat heavy flakes came tumbling down from the sky.

While her plane was landing, I was out doing my grocery shopping.

When I got into Superstore, I had to take my coat off and shake the snow off of my shoulders and arms, they were both so heavy laden.

She was picking up her van and the clerk kept looking out the window and saying, "This is what I have been waiting for since I moved here."  He is new from Jamaica and was thrilled with the sight of the snow.  The sudden change in weather is worth studying.

... Calgary, just as I remember it from my childhood
Catherine drove right to see Kelvin and it wasn't until the evening when we caught up with how our days had gone. I was off seeing physicians and she was trying to get doctors to look at Kelvin, for he was not just jaundiced, but as he said himself, "golden".  That will be taken care of with a small procedure on Friday.

We decided to get out of the starting gate right with the ring of the first bell, so today we have been out doing jobs at the bank, at Staples, at Home Depot, just moving right along as if this were the last day we could get our business done.

Now Catherine is finally in bed.  Thank goodness a bit of jet lag caught up with her, or else we may have done many other jobs tonight.


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