Monday, November 28, 2016


Arta learns how to take a quick picture and then
send it to her own account on her phone.
Bonnie is getting a tutorial at the same time.
Not everyone gets a midnight visit from the neighbour next door.

Nor lets him stay until 2:30 am.  But this was the case for Bonnie and me.  Adults who have babies to put to bed find it hard to find time for each other -- at least that is the case among some of us.  And the reason why these visits work.

As the conversation rolled around, Richard began to show Bonnie some technical tricks to do with her phone and her photos.  I was alerted that this might be the time to learn how to work my own electronics.

Moiya just bought a beautiful new IPhone.  I don't even know how to work my old phone, but I knew that I could get some great tips if I could just alert myself to the idea that learning does go on after midnight, even without a jolt of caffeine.  And I had two people willing to give me enough tips that I went to bed a different person.

Just being able to put a grocery list on my telephone is a big step forward for me. Richard showed me how to get into just one of a host of apps, and that will be enough for me.

I just love it that the programme is called Keep, even though I intend to get rid of those notes on my phone as quickly as I put them on.


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  1. You are all too smart for me. I want Greg to buy an iPhone and learn how to use and abuse it but I have not had any luck there .