Monday, November 14, 2016

The Entertainer ... coming soon

 Kenneth Branagh as Archie Rice in
The Entertainer,
with Greta Scacchi and Gawn Grainger.
Photograph: Johan Persson
Catherine, Kelvin and I are going to see Kenneth Branaugh's The Entertainer on Thursday.

I have been reading The Wikipedia article on The Entertainer and trying to figure out who the key characters are.

I know that Duncan and Rebecca will be seeing it in Victoria as well.

The last time that Rebecca took her boys and went to Richard II, they didn't have time to read a review, or to talk about the plot before hand.

Some lives are just that busy.

Mine isn't.

So I started with Susannah Clapp's review in The Guardian on Sept 4, 2016.

 ... Cagneyesque skill …
Kenneth Branagh as Archie Rice in
The Entertainer.
Photograph: Johan Persson
Then I moved to the review by Johan Persson, still in The Guardian, but an August 2016 review.  Persson calls the Archie Rice character clapped-out so I had to go to the dictionary again.

Clapped-out means worn out or dilapidated, so I think things are going to go down-hill somewhat in the show.

Just the picture that accompanied the article is enough to get me to the show.

I loved vaudeville.

Here is the May 2016 interview with Branagh by Chris Wiegand if you are still gathering material about The Entertainer.

See you there.


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