Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Fuji Apple Tree

... Fuji Apple Tree ...
 ...view to the east ...
There is a difference between taking a walk and taking a stroll.

Bonnie and I did the latter one day, though our intention had been to get some exercise when we left the house.

At least that is what had been on my mind, but Bonnie wanted to walk down to the lake.

Turning down the road that leads to the beach, our pace slowed down.

The heavy rainful of the week made the road slippery in places and I had to go around puddles or step onto the slippery grass to miss getting my shoes soaked.

... view to the west ...
It was Bonnie who noticed that Glen's apple tree had slipped, as it were, over the bank.

Perhaps the bank gave way.

Or maybe the weight of the apples made the trees bend down until we could hardly reach the apples from the roadside.

But it wasn't long until Bonnie had propped the commercial tag from the tree in such a way that she could get it in the picture -- documenting that yes, we were eating Fuji apples grown on the land as we walked along.

I was wishing I had brought a crate along to gather some for making apple pie.



  1. Wow! talk about the weight of those apples! gorgeous!

  2. This is my first time to see apples on all of the trees. Ripe apples! And now I know why the bears come around to strip the trees. Glen calls where I live "bear alley" which seems to go all of the way down to the next development, but it stops and does not go east to Wyona's or his house.

    Go figure.