Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Just Remember One thing

Sharon had found her purse and
now it is on her lap with her at dinner.
From Catherine.

This was my last full day in Calgary.

I said to Kelvin, "Dad, this is my last day with you, and I don’t want to share it with anyone else."

That was not to be.  He wanted us to eat with his brother and sister.  So we had a family party at 5 pm with Grant and Sharon which was VERY, VERY fun.

Sharon, Kelvin, Grant and I enjoyed each other in a more private setting, just off of the main dining room.

The workers went to get Sharon and put her in the family room.

I put Kelvin there.

I met Grant at the elevator door.

I said, "Grant, this is so exciting, we are having a family party."

Grant: Who is coming?

Catherine: Sharon and Kelvin

Grant:  What about Beverly?

Catherine: I don’t think he is coming.

Grant: Why not.

Catherine: I don’t think he is feeling well.

Then I tried to change the subject.

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Here is a picture of them.

They were holding hands.

It was nice.

Again, Grant wanted Beverly to be there and asked where he was.

Sharon was laughing so hard and went into uncontrollable laugher.

She said, "He is dead."

Grant and Sharon
Grant said, "Well, nobody told me."

Sharon said, "Grant, you were at the funeral."

So I put my tape recorder on the table and their conversation was wonderful to listen to when I got home and could hear it again.

It was a lovely little dinner.

We all had an enjoyable time.

... the four of us in a selfie ...
Then all of us had FaceTime with my kids my family in Montreal were having home evening.

My Seton group family was happy to be there.

Grant offered a prayer.

Grant gave a beautiful prayer, a loving one, about loving our families and being grateful for the things that surround us.

Just lovely.

 Then Kelvin and I went back to his room to look at old letters, some from his parents, the last thing that Bessie wrote in her own hand — about her marriage.

Kelvin read me this outloud -- the story of his mother getting married.

The family photos at dinner were fun, as well, with Grant wondering….having a lot of questions about his own family and the extended family.

Just lovely to see his concern.

One of Grant’s letters that we read said, “Just remember, all that matters is family”.

... one more try at getting the perfect selfie ...
Kelvin reminded me that since the four of us had eaten in the family room, the housekeeping staff wouldn't be cleaning up after us.

I tried to gather everything together, but I stacked too many plates and cups in my hands, so they fell before I made it to the kitchen.

A bottle of Ensure was all over everything: the table, chairs, the legs of the table and all down the front of me. 

Grant was back in a second with a wet cloth and was cleaning up everything. I asked him again how old he is.

There -- a 91 year old man was cleaning up after me.


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  1. What an awesome report! I have been laughing with pleasure ever since. So happy those three siblings are with each other at Seton! Looking forward to spending time with them when i get there in December!