Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The New Kid on the Block

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The 2015 Christmas Train passes by Moiya Wood's house.
While you can see this from her home,
Moiya and Dave like to meet the train in Salmon Arm
Her Christmas tree stands in the window of Bonnie's new house.

Not to beat the season, but it only makes sense when moving in, to put things where they belong.

No use carting the Xmas tree off to the basement this week and then bringing it back up next week.

Hers is the first sign of Christmas that has made it right to the personal level.

I have been seeing artificial Christmas trees as I hunt through the goods for sale at the Thrift Shop.

There isn't anything much sadder than a few whisps of tinsel blowing in the wind, hanging from a bent limb of an old Christmas tree.  So I haven't purchased one yet.


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