Tuesday, November 29, 2016

War Horse and No Man's Land

Mary reminds some of us in an email that Warhorse is coming to theatres near us on Saturday.

For some of us, again on Wednesday.

And now I get an email saying that No Man's Land is scheduled for December 15th

I went out to see a short clip of dialogue between Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart and one utube clip always leads to another.  So now, another request from me.

McKellen and Stewart
I need Duncan to check out this short video of Ian McKellen on Shakespeare.  You will see a younger version of McKellen to go with the older version of him that you will see on Dec 15th.  I think it is instructive to watch him as a younger actor.  Watch his gestures and mannerisms.  And at about 5 minutes, watch how he sinks to the floor and then rises again. And then to match that up with what he does as an older actor in this play on Dec 15th.

Or perhaps I am capturing the link here so that I can go out and finish watching the clip, since I had to interrupt it.  At 5 minutes I knew I had to stop to get on with the day's work, but I am coming back to finish watching this tonight.

Such fun!

Tonia also asked if anything else is coming up.  So here is the list:

Dec 2 to 10: 6 Characters in Search of an Author -- at the university.  An absurdist metatheatrical play by Pirandello, first performed in 1921

Dec 7: Warhorse at the Eau Claire Cineplex

Dec 10: L'Amour de Loin - opera

Dec 11: Nutcracker - ballet

Dec 15: No Man's Land.

That is not it for Dec.  Lots of live concerts everywhere.  Have fun everyone.


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