Monday, November 14, 2016

Our Flashlights

This morning I glanced out of my bedroom window as I was putting some boxes on the ledge there.  Looking down at me from his kitchen window in the house next door was Michael.  He waved.  I waved.  Then I grabbed my coat and ran over over, since the morning light was breaking and I could get there without a flash light, the way I have to go in the evening, now that we are back to Mountain Standard time.

National Flashlight Day -- Dec 21st
 ... why that day? ...
 ... the winter solstice ...
The flashlight goes two ways.  Michael and Alice bring one over in the evening when they come to ask me for a meal there.

I take one back so that I can get home alone.  Their flash lights don't really light up the ground for me, but flash on trees, on the barbecue, on the compost bin, on the garage, on anything but the ground.  My flashlight is more utilitarian.

Mine looks for bikes, striders, a fallen chair, an abandoned toy -- anything that might impede my way to my target -- an evening meal with 3 little children.

Last night we had deer burgers that had been laced with bacon, a marriage of Jack Sprat's need for othe lean and his wife's desire for fat.


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