Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Karma - family owned and operated

Can you tell which person has jaundice?

After our trip to the MacKenzie Town CIBC we asked the clerk helping us, "Could you direct us to a family owned restaurant in the mall where we could buy some ethnic food."

And that is how we arrived at the Karma: Fine Indian Cuisine Restaurant.

Their lunchtime buffet was in progress and we joined in the fun, feasting on the tandoori chicken and enjoying the three vegetarian curries on the menu.

And that was not all the food offered, but enough to say that we left so comfortably full that none of us had had to eat for the rest of the day.

Karma -- 2016 Metro Winner of Best Indian Cuisine
Three cheers for the restaurant.

I would return in a heartbeat.

As to other jobs done during the day, on every stop, I was busy finding other places to eat when we take our next trip there to do some kind of business.

How does this restaurant sound for an eatery:  The Wok Box.  I slipped in to see what they were serving and if the venue was wheel chair accessible, which is a selling point for us right now.

I am going to have such a list of choices available in my daybook for next time.  I love going out and doing jobs with Catherine.


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