Saturday, November 19, 2016

Lowest Prices in Town

My second time to this shop.
My happines for the day is complete.
The long story is that Kelvin needed a stent blocking procedure yesterday, and so our outing was arranged around getting him to the Lougheed Hospital yesterday.

 The procedure he was after was one that would unblock his stent which was causing him the jaundice.
... the sweets we didn't buy ...
While waits can be long in hospitals, he learned that the procedure he needed is only done in that hospital in all of Alberta.

 So the wait is shortened somewhat when there are not miles of travel to do to get medical care.

 This is more than a small mercy.

 Catherine and I went to get him food and where else to go but the Samsoa factory since we were a 10 minute drive away.

 Since we ordered 12 large ones, we had to wait for them to come from the back of the shop freshly made.

 That gave us lots of time to look around the shop

Catherine began to interview every child who entered the shop, asking which of the sweets were the best ones to buy.

 Then she began interviewing other customers, and even the woman at the till.

 The burning question was which of the sweets should be pick, since they were all lined up and you could choose anything along the counter for $6.99 a pound.

We freely chose, having had missed lunch and now nearly missed supper.

 Kelvin was just as hungry when we picked him up, having fasted all day.

 A few months ago he said that he was no longer interested in spicy food.

 But, for him, it was fabulously delicious last night.

 Our first, second and third courses of the evening were all samosa.

There were other choice of sweets in that shop. 

This time, all the sweets you can put in a box for $2.99.

 Catherine and I watched a couple of men, mixing and matching their sweets from both categories, but all in the large box.

 She and I tried to explain to them that things would be cheaper if they took two boxes, one for each price.

 But that couldn't do for them, for they were on their way to a potlock and were only to bring one dish.

 How interested do you think I was in trying to figure out why one at a higher price would be better than two at a lower price at the pot luck?
Catherine says that the lowest prices in Canada
also exist in Montreal
in the shop where she buys her Samosas!

We tucked in a Costco run and 3 ice cream cones for the day, as well as a trip to Home Depot.

And truth be told, we did not get everything done that was on our lists.

We didn't even get 90% of the way there.



  1. I ran across this one again from googling Larchhaven and a photo of you showed up in your amazing red scarf! <3 Love love love that red! Oh and love samosa's and sweets!

  2. Yes, aren't we all in love with the samosa's. I should buy the mediums, but I can't resist and always buy the large size. What is a few dollars here or there when the pleasure factor is so high?