Tuesday, November 1, 2016

To London, to London ...

Hi from Wyona in Brussels,

Belgian leonidas chocolates in the shop

The frites, sauce tartare and sausages are too good in Brussels.

We bought two small boxes of Leonidas the first night we were in Brussels.

We finished them off by the last day and I never went back to get anymore.

Greg bought a plain waffle a few times.

They are a new kind of waffle now from when we were there in in the 1980's.

No sugar lumps. BUT now the waffle shops have the waffles covered in whipped cream, chocolate and fruit. They are to die for but five times the price.

Greg always wants to make sure we get to the Eurostar in plenty of time. So Sunday morning we took a taxi to the train station. Got there in plenty of time, tried to check in but we were half hour too early. One cannot check in until two hours before the train leaves. So we headed back 20 minutes later and we were still an hour early. Oh! Oh! There was an hour time change back the night before and somehow we missed that. So back out of the floor for another hour. Wow! We were there 4 hours before the train.

Then when the Eurostar was loaded and we were on the platform, all the conductors were yelling, Go Back! Go Back! The train does not work. So hundreds of us went back down the escalator and we all could not fit in the waiting lounge. I just plunked myself down on my bottom on the hard cold marble floor. It took one hour for another train to arrive and get loaded.

We walked about 45 minutes on the streets of London to get to a bus which would take us to our hotel. My choice. I was too cheap to pay for a taxi.

I had purchased tickets in Calgary to go to 'Burn the Floor" the first night we arrived in London. If the tickets had not been in my pocket I certainly would not have gone to the theatre. However, it was a fabulous show of just dancing, dancers who have won competitions. Such a phenomenal show of 16 dancers and 2 singers plus 3 piece band sounding like 20 piece band.

Last night we bought tickets to go to Ghost. Another amazing show. We are still waking up a 5 a.m. That sucks!!

Character portraits of Aladdin 
by Cylla von Tiedemann.

Going to try to get tickets for Aladdin for tonight but not much hope.

We are at the London House Hotel in London.

Every time we come we stay at a different hotel in a different neighbourhood.

I never knew all these places existed when I lived here.

I only knew New Cavendish and the museums and shows. That was enough.

Love, Wyona


  1. You hadn't mentioned "Burn the Floor", Wyona. I had to go on a you tube search for that as well.


    What fun was that. Ten minutes for me. Thanks for putting it out there. And you have 3 weeks of fun to go.

    Seeing the dancing, it is hard not to want to go back in life and take some dance lessons, though I don't think I want to practise to the level of these artists.

  2. i am jealous. i would love to see Ghost again... so glad i bought the soundtrack. the train scene is wonderful!