Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Batman and Joker - Lego Style

After Reading Club tonight, I sat by while Michael put together a Lego box called "The Joker Balloon Escape".

My kids may have played with lego's but I have no memory of sitting with them and going through the instructions, step by step, so that the prized toy comes together.

Tonight we did the Joker with his balloons and Batman with his grappling hook.

I had no idea such happiness could come from this toy.  We took it with us to see Grandfather yesterday, but we took it in the box where it was to stay.  Today I was just looking at the box and being overwhelmed with desire to open it.

That anticipation paid off today in double happiness.  Two parts of the toy are together.  Tomorrow we will tackle the third ... after more Reading Club.


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  1. Those balloons that belong to the Joker look fun to play with. I find I don't know the scripts well enough to get on a roll with pretend-play roles with those action figures. I did have success sending dinosaurs off to preschool with a child recently. It was a script we both knew -- free play, circle time, wash hands, snack time, outdoor play. I wonder if Batman and the Joker will attend the same preschool or Kindergarten. If they do, what routines will Michael have them follow. Will they have reading lessons from Grandmother?