Saturday, March 11, 2017

WRC Awards

Left: Eliana
Upper Right: Chrystal Campbell
Lower Right: Charlene Butler
The Women's Resource Centre announced their 2017 awards, one of which went to Eliana El Khoury, who was the Distinguished Graduate Student.

I had the unexpected honour of being her guest at one of two tables that were reserved for her friends.

What a pleasant way to spend the afternoon:  a buffet lunch, a keynote speech and awards given to Eliana El Khoury (Distinguished Graduate Student), Chrystal Campbell (Distinguished Undergraduate Student) and Charlene Butler (Distinguished Aluna).  As well, Lorna Breen received the Sheila O'Brien Award for Excellence in Leadership.

I love the MacHall Ballroom.  I have enjoyed many events there -- none more than this one.


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