Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Real Game of Life

I was at Agecare Seton hanging out with Kelvin when Hebe received a long awaited package from Aunt Bonnie.

We were Facetiming the Jarvis Family and it was Hebe and Catherine who were home and who had just opened this package.

"The house is a mess," said Catherine when I asked  her if she was starting to get her dinner ready.  "Look, we still have the breakfast dishes in the sink.  How could I be thinking of making supper yet?  I don't have one clear spot to work on."

But the dishes weren't going to be done anytime soon for the package had arrived in the mail that Hebe had been spent 2 weeks waiting for.

Bonnie was sending her copy of "The Real Game of Life" to Hebe.

So Kelvin and I got to watch them play -- hit the spinner, and then take cards.

Banking was going on as well by Hebe.  And in this game you can buy bananas or take them away for other contestants, which game move had caused some tears in the summer.

But that sorrow was gone now and the two of them were joyfully making their way around the game board.

Dishes can wait.  Here is a game that lets you change careers.  Catherine was a cleaner in the game and just as we were hanging up, she and had a chance to move up to be a professor.

She was making her moves to be a professor, even though she knew that when she got finished the game, she would have to go back to being the cleaner.


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