Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Noah's Ark

"I will get your more animals, Michael."
For some reason I was talking to Michael, Alice and Betty about Noah's ark.

Perhaps it was raining outside. Or perhaps we had been singing a song about rainbows.

I can't remember. But I got into my head the idea that I might talk to them about Noah's ark.

Soon I was out shopping, first for a good replica of Noah's ark, and then for animals.

I could buy Noah and a cardboard stand-up ark with waves that would encircle it.

... some animals can go in through the door and some through the roof ...
But covering the earth with water isn't quite as interesting as figuring out which animals can go in the ark, and which can stay out.

Next I found a plastic ark.

Michael figured that the turtle could just swim along, making room for more of the walking animals to get inside.

I got curious about buying plastic animals -- ones that could fit inside the ark, and buying doubles, of course, because they should go into the ark, two by two.

... small red shot glass is just the right size for Alice ...
 ...the downside is I have to fill it quite often ...
I can't figure out if this is fun for me, or fun for the kids.

I did buy some cups and saucers with Wyona, tiny ones that I can fill with cake batter and bake in the oven.

I use them for snacks, but they wobble at bit.  I was not that enchanted with them.

Wyona put hers to good use and since I wasn't using mine, asked if she could buy mine off of me.  I said yes.  Then I went home and memetic desire spring up in my chest.  I don't think I can hand them over to her.  I didn't really want them until she expressed a desire for them.

Go figure.


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