Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lunch at Seton

 I don't think Sharon and I have had lunch together as often as we have since she moved into Agecare Seton.

I took a lesson from her last caregiver and sat close to her, telling my stories right in her ear, and even asking if I could take a selfie with her.

She agreed.

Kelvin told me that he like my stories as well.  

I was surprised that he could hear them from that distance.

I am sure he could enjoy her reactions.  I told her lots of stories.  One of them was about the creamed corn that she was eating with her chicken.  I reminded her of the past, how when she was a child, that cremaed corn on top of a piece of toast was a complete meal.  She nodded in agreement and told me how good that had tasted in those days.  And then she had more creamed corn from the small dish it was served in.

At this time in my life, I don't care if the stories are true or false.  I am more interested in getting the stories told.  After a few days, she can't remember the stories, and neither can I.  I may be telling the same tales over and over!  And they are all true.


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