Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Disappearing Trick

Duncan joined us at Agecare Seton via Facetime – that modern day miracle that brings far away families together in the best way.

He turned 16 on March 5th.

He was Rebecca’s helper while she performed tricks of magic on him. She took 8 coloured pens in her hand and then with each, she tucked it into his hair and the coloured pencil disappeared. 

Red. Yellow. Blue. Green. Fushia. Neon Pink. 

She slipped them into his hair and they disappeared.

The second part of her trick was taking them out one by one: … five, six, seven but she couldn’t find the eighth! She took both hands and ran her fingers over the top of his head, patting and pushing until she found the last one.

Duncan and Rebecca should go on the road with that trick.


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