Sunday, March 5, 2017

Reading Club goes to Newsies

So few patrons at the theatre that we had
the snack bar to ourselves.
Reading Club met at Newsies at Eau Claire Cineplex for a night of song and dance.

When Wyona got to the theatre there was no one there -- empty seats all over.  I told her to save me at least one row.

The kids seemed to want to try out the seats right in front.  In fact, they were trying out the seats in every place in the theatre.  Why not? An empty theatre is a good place to practise that.

Audra also practise doing some cartwheels from the stage, going up the isle.  Michael said that was the favourite part of the show for him.  He wants to do that.  All Richard could tell him was to practise 100's of times.

The theatre foyer was empty during the intermission.
Alice is hanging on one bannister to the left of the picture.
Michael has his legs wrapped around another at the centre.
They skipped up and down the stairs and around the mall.
The club members are unfamiliar with the layout of the whole theatre so at some time before the first intermission, all of them needed an escort to the comfort station.  First a parent would pop up with one and then with another.

They also needed the break between Part I and Part II of the show, so they ran off their wiggles, around pillars, up and down stairs and even hanging from the railings.

"Come on, let's get back to the theatre," said Richard when he saw one of his kids balancing off of the metal bannister by the steps.

"I don't want to spend the second half of the show in the Emergency Department of the hospital."

... a drink and a bag of popcorn for everyone ...
... the straws were delivered later ...
Wyona purchased popcorn and a drink for everyone.  The hardest part of the evening was getting that snack to the theatre so that no one made any spills along the way.

Those confections were topped up with strawberry liquorice and skittles from someone's purse.

"Line up right here to tell me what you want me to buy."
At one point in the performance I heard Kalina making a noise and I leaned forward in my seat to hear what she was saying.

She was singing the tune that we had just heard.

I wasn't going to tell her she couldn't do that.

She has an amazing ear for a five year old!

Notice in the side picture, that Michael is almost as tall as Audra!



  1. Just so you know, I cannot take credit for buying all the food. I only purchased for two reading club members. Anything to keep them sitting in their seats for a little longer. Went to Newsies again in Austin. Purchased food at intermission for Ivan and Senya. Must keep them going.

  2. I want to hear more about taking Senya and Ivan to Newsies!