Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Funnies

"My grandmother made me a hat out of the comics."
I continue to tear out the Comics page from the newspaper and save them to read with Michael.

But we are behind in our reading time together, so I took my growing collection of funnies over to their house so that we could read after breakfast. 

Michael is intent on reading – at least the titles to the strips.

"Let's read Sherman's Lagoon Next.  And then The Pooch Cafe."
And we have been learning to figure out what the pictures mean. Betty and Alice couldn’t stay away from us and wanted to do something as well.

So in tandem with reading to Michael, Betty sat in the high chair with us, scrunching up one of the papers until it was a small ball.

Alice took the paper to the floor, under the table, and began to smooth it out and fold it up.

In trying to entertain them, I had folded one of the newspapers up and tucked it under a doll’s arm.

"How tight can I fold these comics?"
To know that I am really on my game, I would have had to have had 3 more children beside me, each trying to be the only one on my lap.


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