Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Happy Birthday to you

... Hello, brother! ...
Today Kelvin turned 86.

Sharon was just coming back from lunch so she came in to see Kelvin, to say Happy Birthday and to touch base for a minute.

Tricky to get her lounge chair and his bed in the right position.
... a moment of saying hello ...

... Sharon sings an unorthodox Happy Birthday song ...
We were joined in our music endeavours by the three people in the room, two of whom had brought Sharon in and the third, who was tending to Kelvin.

Sharon offered to sing a folk birthday day that she knows.

Kelvin took her up on the offer.

Sharon was sure that Kelvin was 96 and I was not going argue with anyone who has kept family records for years.  In about five minutes she had corrected herself.   And she brought out their right ages:  86 and 83.

... Sharon and Kelvin meet after lunch ...
That was not the only bright part of the day.

Rebecca Johnson, Duncan Carter-Johnson, Rebecca Jarvis, Thomas Jarvis, Catherine Jarvis, Hebe Jarvis, Naomi Brooks, Leo Brooks, Rhiannon Brooks, Bonnie Johnson and David Camps-Johnson all came to visit, via the IPad.

Blessed IPad.

Kelvin has asked for a Cadbury Cream Egg the last time I was there, so I picked some up at the store.

The new packaging is disappointing.

No pulling that foil off anymore, and having bits of it stick to the egg.

But the centre is the same.

Between Sharon and Kelvin, they couldn't finish off one egg.

Two of them worked at it and there was still 1/2 left.

This bodes poorly for the Cadbury Milk Company, at least for egg sales to the baby boomers.



  1. Thanks for sharing memories of the day. I could still eat 3 easter creme eggs in one sitting if I let myself (which sometimes I do). For some reason, it seems to me that 3 is the right number. Must be since they used to sometimes come packaged in a box of three. I am always irritated when I can't find the box and end up buying 3 individuals ones. I am so weird.

  2. I don't like all of the sweetness in the middle of the egg. Each year I try them again, to see if I have changed. I never change. I didn't like the centres and I still don't like the centres. Remember the maraschino cherry bars. They were cherry fondant enrobed in peanuts and chocolate. I wasn't crazy about those centres, either.

    I have no idea what age I was when I like to eat those centres by sticking my finger in them and pulling out the sweetness and licking it off my fingers. I hope I was under 20.

  3. I was able to reach dad the afternoon of his birthday. He drifted in and out of sleep. I found it hard to monologue without him being able to "mhmm" me with sounds or facial expressions. But he worked hard to open his eyes for me as I wished him a Happy Birthday.

    I like it that he made it to 86 years of age. I hope I have another 35.5 years in me. That would be 106.5 Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs if I am able to manage 3 a year. Yum.