Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Things you may have had in common with Kelvin Johnson Sr.

Kelvin, age 86 with his 20 month old grandaughter, Betty
You may have had something in common with Kelvin Johnson if you have ever taken something you were wearing or taken something from your pocket and  tried to entertain a child.

It may have been a set of beads, a silver bracelet, some car keys, a church programme, a white handkerchief, even your own set of glasses  -- but both you  and he could take it out of your pocket and make it work for a child.


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  1. I got to play with a 4 month old tonight. All I could pull out of my pocket were my hands that helped me sing "Here's a ball for baby ...". His favourite actions were "peek-a-boo" and "clapping". I told his parents, I specialized in playing with children at church when I was young. It was a sanctioned way of getting out of listening to talks.