Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hedda Gabler - Reflections

Hedda Gabler / A Scene from the show

I don't know that I can formulate my reaction to the show tonight.  Many of the moments, even scenes seemed to be suspended in time.  I wish I were with Rebecca and her boys to hear their reactions.

 ... Hedda Gabler company in action ...
1. They are going to say something about that closing scene -- the surprise of Hedda being covered with blood, metaphorically.

2. The costuming with the men in jeans and jackets, but Hedda always in that slip, or slip with a jacket over it.

3. I liked hearing from the actors and the directors during the intermission sequence.  I have been thinking over and over about Ruth Wilson saying that the themes here are not women's themes, but themes that belong to every human being.

4. The starkness of the set gave me lots of time to "fill in" with my imagination.  I was charmed when that couch got turned into a bed.  Also when Hedda used her full body to play the piano.  What a touch.  And I had the feeling that the walls of the room were so high bothered that I couldn't find doors -- a touch claustrophobic for me.

5. Judge Brack, Loveborg and George Tessman were fantastic supporting characters.  And Ruth Wilson has Hedda?  I couldn't keep my eyes off of her.  Such nuance.

6. I want a hat like the one Aunt Julie wore.

Our theatre was only about 1/10th full tonight.  I had the whole row to myself. I don't have a sense yet of which of the shows will be brimming to the overflow, and which are less attended.



  1. Our theatre was pretty full (75?). i went on my own (no boys... alex was sick, and i gave Duncan a pass). it was amazing acting,... and disturbing. i am still thinking about it.

  2. OK. I guess the song was originally Johnny Mathis?! in 1957?!

  3. Rebecca and I are talking about two pieces of music in Hedda Gabbler: Joni Mitchell's Blue and Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. I didn't know "Blue" in 1957 and don't recognize it now. I must go out and look at the lyrics to see why they choose this song for the play.

  4. Lyrics to Blue by Joni Mitchell

    Songs are like tattoos
    You know I've been to sea before
    Crown and anchor me
    Or let me sail away
    Hey Blue
    And there is a song for you
    Ink on a pin
    Underneath the skin
    An empty space to fill in
    Well there're so many sinking
    Now you've got to keep thinking
    You can make it thru these waves
    Acid, booze, and ass
    Needles, guns, and grass
    Lots of laughs
    Lots of laughs
    Everybody's saying…

    So, are these the lyrics you remembering hearing in the song, Rebecca?