Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Everyone wants to be us

Everyone wants to be Kelvin and me.

Or if they don't, they should.

We had the best day together with the IPAD.
Rhiannon singing "Clouds" to Kelvin

I facetimed Catherine.  Kelvin and I got to hear piano concerts from Catie Jarvis and then from Thomas Jarvis.

Even Hebe is taking piano lessons and we heard a duet with Catherine and Hebe : Ode to Joy. Just enough bars that we could recognize the meolody.

Hebe can play it on every octave of the piano. As well, we just about heard "Gorilla's in the Jungle" but then her fingers took over the piano and we heard new music, made for us and which sounded much like gorillas loose in the jungle.

I was just closing down Kelvin's computer when Leo Brooks called to say that they were having their favourite supper, which is called "Breakfast at Dinner: eggs, waffles, bacon, maple syrup and a fruit salad. But before they sat down, everyone told Kelvin what they were doing. Riannon had just done an audition for the school talent show, so she sang Clouds for us again. Twice.  The second time she kept in the verse that she missed the first time.

Her mother said it doesn't matter if she gets into the finalists. Just that she did her performance for the teachers who are selecting the finalists is enough. Naomi showed us the first portrait that she has painted. And we got to some some gorgeous clay work from her.

Xavier told us about being in the regular band, the jazz band and about his up-coming trip to New Orleans. He is only nervous that since they will be on a us for 24 hours to get there, he wonders if some of his chums might get antsy.

Now who wouldn't want to wish to be us.  Going to Ottawa and Montreal to visit 7 grandchildren from the comfort of your own bed is a dream come true.


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