Thursday, March 23, 2017

Big hands, big heart.

If you knew my dad, you couldn't avoid noticing his big hands and big heart.  I love how he used those big hands to rock each of my babies.

Xavier and Grandpa -- looks like everyone's tired.

Xavier and Grandpa - Spring in Ottawa.

Naomi's turn.

Don't forget Rhiannon.


  1. I found many photos of dad holding Joshua, Ginger's little boy. He has such a smile on his face in those photos. One thing he and I had in common was knowing that a little baby is truly a miracle.

  2. And yes, those big hands. I do have fond memories of tipping my head to the side and resting my cheek in his hand. How did he manage to have the physical strength to hold up my big brain?

  3. I seem to remember every one of these moments, Mary.