Friday, March 17, 2017

Guests Always Welcome

Jeni Whiting and Arta with the sunlight streaming in on Kelvin
I was pleasantly surprised to have Jeni Whiting drop by to see Kelvin.  A visit between three people is always fun.

Together we chatted away the afternoon, Jeni telling Kelvin and I that she had hosted 19 of her Johnson relatives and their friends on Friday night.  Now that would have been a fun party with pancakes and muffins in the morning as they said good-bye to each other.  Life lived as it should be.

She had spent the morning buying snacks for her ward Beehives' 24 hour marathon of "Read the Book of Mormon".  That is a good way to read any book -- a room full of friends and good food.

And now Jeni was visiting Kelvin, Sharon and Grant.

Lucky Kelvin and me.


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  1. My dad was known amongst his children as one who would never turn down a tin of cashews.