Friday, October 18, 2013

Missing Paper Work

Oct. 16th, 2013

I came back to the room one day about noon to find a message left in our room. It said something like ‘We noted that you do not have an Australian visa. Here are the directions for you to obtain a visa online at your expense. If you have not handed in your Australian visa to guest relations by time we reach our first port in New Zealand, you will be asked to disembark the ship.’

Now is this the first time we needed a visa?

Greg and I are old and we need somebody to travel with us who can get us to the airport at the right time on the right day with the right visas in our pockets.

Any volunteers?

So I went online, registered, printed the visas and Greg took them to Guest Relations. Greg said he checked every country we were going to for visas except Australia because he knew they were part of the Commonwealth and thought we required no visa.

Still cruising and happy.

Wyona and Greg


  1. Did you need a visa? Did you have a commonwealth pass as a Canadian? The intricacies of travel. I hope you were able to land and avoid those forest fires blazing. Wishing for a deluge of rain in Australia!

  2. We are here in Sydney right now. Greg is still out but I came back to the hotel to check in online. We took a ferry ride around the harbour. Beautiful!

    Yes, we did need a visa and now all is well.