Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween -- the last effort

Halloween Tree - pumpkins and witches on brooms
"Have you every been afraid, Grandma."

Now there is a tricky question. I had to tell David Camps that when I was young I was afraid of the Disney movie about Ichabod Crane.

 I don't know why I taped it for him to watch this month. I will never forget the terror in my heart over that movie.

"I will find you where ever you hide."
Bonnie asked David if there had been music class today.


And do you know any Halloween songs, she further prompted.

He belted out a lovely song -- one that asked the question, are you afraid of things that hide under your bed? / are you afraid of things that hide under the stairs?


You could have surprised me that he would even learn this song, let along sing it with such gusto for us at dinner time.
Lego figure compliments of Duncan Carter Johnson

Bonnie told David that tomorrow is his night to bring home candy and then give the adults anything that he doesn't want out of his new stash.

 She can remember giving away all of her Coffee Crisps to her dad.

Tonight they were both searching for good treats in the house.

But those will have to wait until tomorrow night when the goods are spread out on the table for all.
"Go into house and grab a creepy cookie."

David is afraid that a lot of kids will be coming to his house and that no one will be here to give them anything to eat.

So he made the following sign to put on the door. I hope he and Bonnie don't kill themselves making too many creepy cookies, because there won't be a plethora of kids knocking at our door tonight.


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  1. we never did get those witches fingers cookies made this year. maybe next year ....