Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Zombie Walk

 ... scary table cloth ...
David thinks Halloween decorations are creepy and wishes that we didn't have to celebrate by having witches, owls, bats and orange pumpkins all over the house.
I play games with him on the table cloth: Who can be the first to touch the words 'Shake Rattle and Roll', or the first to touch “Rattle Those Bones”, or can anyone put their head on a skull and a skeleton at the same time.

He gets to call out what we do, and then I am to see if I can get my fingers on the item he calls out before he can. I seldom win.

We got away from frightening home Halloween environment yesterday to go to Skookum for bike repairs. Joy and happiness for me.

I bought this witch
because I thought this is what
I will look like in 20 years.
We arrived at the bike shop just as the local Zombie Walk was in progress.

The organizer of the event advertized on Facebook. Zoombies came out of the woodwork.

“The organizer is that guy with a bullet through his head up front,” a woman said to me.

I was having trouble concentrating for my eyes were on her forehead -- a safety pin was fastened through the now dried impetigo scab at the fore line of her hair.

 A woman in a wedding dress walk in front of me, her hooped skirt taking more than its share of the sidewalk, blood from her throat had dripped from her throat and stained the front of her garment.

spider on witch's hand
A man in a torn uniform looking bruised and badly beaten walked a big black dog -- a black covering wrapped the dog’s body, a tutu graced its hind end.

For an instant I was thinking I would take my hair down, flip it over my face, put my glasses back on and then join them on the walk.

What stopped me is that I was busy running ahead of the parade, then having it walk by me, then running ahead so that they could walk by me again.

While I was running along with the Zombie Parade, Bonnie was having her own nightmare in the bike shop.

 ... spider on bread basket handle ...
David, who is so hard to get clothes for, was willing to put on a pair of biking gloves, and then a shirt that “wicks” the moisture out.

Next the clerk got him to try on a ski jacket and then ... wonder of wonders ... a pair of boots.

Bonnie thinks what sold the ski boots is that they have a square toe like some of the lego figures.

Ready to cross country ski
... please note square toed ski boots ...
 By the time I got back to the shop he had even consented to a new pair of ski pants.

Bonnie's technique was to tell the clerk, "See what you can get him to buy.  I am hiding in another corner of the shop.  Now, go, girl, go!"


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