Friday, October 25, 2013

Bates in Bay of Islands

 Greg was serving in Whangerai which is an hour from Bay of Islands when the Queen came to New Zealand to sign the Treaty of Whaitangi which was a treaty between the Mauri and the British govt. setting out the rights of the Mauri. However, the Mauri’s interpret the treaty different than the British govt. so they have been fighting about it ever since. 

 Drive through the green countryside where there are streams moving through the hills out to sea.
We toured an old stone cabin where the first Governor of England came to stay as New Zealand was being claimed by the British but only because the Mauri asked for help.

Greg was not the only missionary.
The part of the story that is interesting is that Bay of Islands was out of Greg’s mission district but he and seven other missionaries went without permission. They were going to see the Queen no matter what. They left their suit jackets at their place and went in white shirts to the event. While on the treaty grounds with the Queen and hundreds and thousands of others they met the mission president. The mission president was not happy that they were not wearing their suit jackets. 

We drove on the bus through the hills seeing cattle and sheep dotting the hillsides; the sheep looked like little white flowers among the green grass. Greg kept talking about how he and his companions were in such good shape because they road their bikes up and down these steep hills and into the country. Now he wants to come back at Christmas because the place makes him homesick. We had two beautiful nostalgic days

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