Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bates Breakfast in Hong Kong

Oct. 26th, 2013 Hong Kong

We began our fabulous day eating breakfast/lunch at the ‘Food Republic’.  Arta, Greg and I found this basement hideaway when we were here in April. On top of the basement there are about 8 floors of shopping.

Just fabulous junk food at the food court.

Greg is taking this picture from two floors above. You can spot me because my head glows.

Greg has his favorite building on the Hong Kong Island side and here it is. The cement city reaching to the sky.


  1. Hello,

    Last night we were talking about your travel posts. Bonnie loves the one where you are diving into the water, Wyona.

    Of your travel posts, I love the picture of the food at the Food Republic. When people say, been there, done that, I think they mean they don't want to do it again. I will never say that about the Food Republic. When I saw the food laid out a dagger of pain when through my heart. I wanted to be at the table with you and Greg! That food court is so much fun! Remember how we watched outside workers (laborers) come in at noon and line up to get what must have been the best buy in the food court -- lots of food on the plate and there was a longer line-up there, than anywhere else.

    Oh, that food look like fun in your picture -- those chopsticks just ready to bring the food to your mouth. Thanks for that old memory which reminded me of a travel destination I want to repeat again and again.

  2. The building Greg likes sort of looks like a tetris game. Good choice. Breakfast looks delicious!