Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sheep - a variation

.. a makeshift fence for sheep ...
I get bullet visits from Michael who lives next door. He may come at any time of that day. That is, he comes if the parent walking him over to my house can get him past his favorite place in the yard: the dirt pile. That should read ... the fine dirt pile, just a little strip of land right next to the house. The favorite places is not more than a yard wide and 3 yards long but it beats any of the grassed places.

Even the miniature jelly beans at my house aren’t a big enough draw for him, though he does like a few of them in his hand if he can make it over here. His routine is the same. He says hello to grandpa, pats the chair if Kelvin isn’t in it, and then goes for the jelly bean jar.

"You mean I get to take them home?"
I got to teach him sheep and fences. Having no Licorice Allsorts I made do with some licorice and miniature jelly beans. Not bad for not having the right equipment.


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  1. That is so cute of Michael. Richard sure knew what he was doing when he bought next door to you.