Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Borabayliner - Pictures

Wyona asked me to put these pictures in her Bora Bora post. They tell a story in themselves so I am just going to leave them here. To be reminded of the text, of her whole post, slip back to her Borabayliner.  In part she says:

Preparing to swimming in Bora Bora!
"After driving for two hours, stopping here and there, the driver put the anchor down and told us all we could go for a swim.

None of us were prepared for this. It was not part of the excursion.

A couple of women went down the ladder and walked in about 4-5 feet of water.

I just could not pass up a swim in the Polynesian waters of the Pacific so took a dive into the ocean.

Swimming in Bora Bora
No ladylike entry for me. Just went back to the ship all wet and salty dry."

Wyona says in the email to me, "One day in Sydney and then off to Hong Kong. Hope we are not overweight for the Korean airline we are taking out of Sydney."

Too bad Greg and she have to move on to see other parts of the world.

A piece of me wishes they could have stayed in Bora Bora forever.



  1. Ever youthful Wyona! Great dive!

  2. I looked at the depth of the water and tried to judge it by the woman who appears to be standing in it. That is when I began to hope that Wyona was doing a very shallow dive!

  3. The water was shallow but I did a shallow dive. Great white sand on the bottom. I dove down and brought some sand up but I only could do this because Glen showed me how to dive down at the lake. He watched me try to get down and stick my feet up for at least an hour one day. I was just floating and fighting the water. After he showed me how to push down, I could do it.

    It was such a fun day! Bora Boring!!!