Saturday, October 26, 2013

Don't Get Married ... Unless ...

Know when, to whom and if you should tie the knot ....
and how to fortify your marriage once you do.

Lorraine Wright has written a new book.  She has published  9 academic books.  This is her first self-help book. I slipped down to Pages on Kensington Road to pick up a copy. Pages said they are busy trying to arrange an event with her at the store. Only at Pages -- which is now a bookstore but when I learned to read it was my local public library. The book is upstairs -- where I used to have to go for the children's section. Then it looked like there were so many books there. Now most homes have that many books.

I picked up the book and started to read when I came home.

I finished the book after supper.

I think you will like it too. So much to think about ... and all the time in the world to practise some of the ideas I read in there.


  1. I think it is too late for you and Arta, Wyona and Moiya.

  2. Whoops! I should have edited that comment before I sent it. My only excuse is that the blog here is in Chinese. You try to find 'New Post' or 'Comments' written in Chinese characters.