Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween - Witches

Moiya bought the witch
to scare away the bears that have come down
to get the last of the apples before they hibernate.
Moiya purchased a 5 foot high motion sensitive witch that stands outside of her front door.

The witches eyes flash with fire, her jaw drops down and her voice is heard, “Don’t be afraid of me. I am a good witch. Take a cookie."

All of her phrases are interspersed with maniacal laughter.

David Camps and I talked about the witch Moiya had purchased so that he wouldn't be surprised on seeing her.

Then we went down to Moiya’s to deliver a package to her.

David and I agreed. I would go first into the red door and he would follow me.

... a close up, when the witch is at rest ...
I tried to sneak past the sensor, but wasn’t far enough away from it.

Her head began to shake, her laughter echoed off of Moiya’s house and into the woods, her red eyes glowed, the arthritic fingers seemed to shove the empty plate toward us. David froze, offering a high pitched scream as resistance. He did not run out of breath with his high pitched call for help. It went on and on and on.  David Wood heard the scream from inside and rushed to the front door. I was grabbing David, telling him to hide behind me and I hid behind one of the pillars of the porch. Bonnie was watching from the car. She said this is the first time she has ever seen David run willingly into my arms.

We spent the next half hour look at the witch with David, checking out the wooden legs under her long skirt, testing out the motion sensor, listening to the script she says, all of us running by the motion detector, telling our stories of how she frightens us, even if we know she is going to offer her maniacal laughter as we pass by.

... jaw wagging, eyes flashing  red ...
David Wood is interested in the electronics of the witch since he has spend an amazing amount of time getting it placed just right and having the innards work at just the right time.

 He tells David to follow him to the bathroom.

They have another electronic device there, a ghost that offers such suggestions as, “You have made a mistake. This is not the bowl you are looking for.”

David Camps is taken on a whole tour of motion activated devices at the Wood’s house.

This does not seem to make the witch seem any less frightening.

Photo by DavidCamps
Photo Title: Eight Arthritic Hands and Fingers
David is only comforted by one thing. He tells him mother that he knows the witch is not dangerous for the witch says between spurts of her maniacal laughter, “Come to me. I am a good witch.”

If the witch says it, it must be so.