Friday, October 25, 2013

Bates in Auckland

We had a fabulous two days in New Zealand; Auckland and then Bay of Islands (Whangerai) both places Greg served on his mission. Greg was doing mission stories all the time and feeling nostalgic since it has been fifty years since he was here. 

The sailing in was amazing. I woke up at 6:00 a.m., ran to the window and what should appear but a miniature bridge and New Zealand was here.

The ship was docked right downtown in Auckland. Greg and I did a nostalgic walk together for a while. When my feet began to hurt I walked back to the ship myself. Walking out with Greg we just walked on the main street but on the way back I took a detour on the hilly steep roads. I received a telephone call from Security on the ship about 7:20 p.m. asking me if Mr. Bates was out by himself or with a group. He was out by himself and had 30 minutes before the ship left. He took this picture on his way back to the ship.


  1. A big wow to your adventure. I am suitably impressed -- New Zealand! And good for Greg -- using up every hour to the very last minute before getting back on the boat.

  2. I got a call from security two port days in a row. Both days Greg was off the ship and I was on it. He made it back 20 minutes before we left Bay of Islands and 30 minutes before we left Auckland. Next time security telephones me because Greg is not on the ship I am going to tell them to hang in there because I will pack a small suitcase for Greg and they can leave it on the shore side. Greg can wave to me on the balcony as we pull away while he is pulling up.